Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Taking a Stand on Child Abuse by Psychiatry

Our schools have been infiltrated by drug pushers (oops - I mean psychs).

I can't imagine how I would survive if I were in school today.

If it isn't being forced to take drugs just because you're bored and the teacher is too preoccupied trying to help slower kids to give you something interesting to do, or having to answer terriby intrusive and embarassing questions in "Teen Screening," and being too young and un-empowered to just refuse (which is how I'd treat any such incursion against my human rights today) I think I'd have to learn to be the worlds most clever truent or make my folks send me to a private school (and I don't know if it's much better there!).

And as unbelievable as it may seem these "learning disorders," like ADHD, ADD and other so-called disabilities that require putting a child on medication are just based on opinion.

For a disease to be called a disease there has to be some evidence it actually exists. Doctors don't vote on whether cancer, AIDS or MS exist. They exist because the exist. Period. You can locate them with x-rays or blood tests or EEGs or MRIs.

But not so psychiatric diagnoses.

The reason you have a "disorder" if you drink too much coffee is because psychs have voted that it should be called a disorder.

If you read the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual you will be outraged to find that your entire life has been labled.

But what's worse - as soon as they vote a "disorder" into existence your insurance can not be billed for your "medication" to handle it.

CCHR is to be commended for their tireless work in exposing this scam.

I urge anyone reading this to study the issues. At the CCHR website you can download copies of a series of publications that blow the whistle on the fraud and quackery of the psychiatric profession.

It would be hysterically funny if it weren't so dangerous.