Thursday, September 20, 2007

Should Children Trafficked to the UK be Allowed to Stay

I am very glad to see that UNICEF is championing trafficked children in the UK.

The issue revolves around youngsters who have been brought to the UK to work as sex slaves or forced labor, and UNICEF's recommendation is that they be allowed to stay in the country to recover from their ordeal.

Specifically, the story states, "Children trafficked into Britain to work as sex slaves or in other types of forced labour should be allowed to stay in the country to recover from their ordeals, a report has said.

"A system of renewable residence permits should be introduced for youngsters rescued from such abuse, said the study by Unicef and children's rights organisation Ecpat (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes).">> more

I believe this is a just and fair solution. The children come from depressed Third World countries, and returning them home, even if they are not stigmatized because of what they were forced to do when slaves, they will return to the kind of poverty and hopelessness that prompted someone to sell or steal them into slavery in the first place. But the other point is that if it were not for the avarice, perversions or greed of UK citizens and residents who promote or condone this slavery, there would be no market for these children to be brought to the country.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Child Soldiers and Sex Slaves in Today's Congo

While you are propped up in front of your TV or out at a disco or football game, 9000 miles away boys are being abducted and forced to serve as soldiers, and young girls are being seized and forced into sexual slavery.

And as much as I wish this were just some edgy new Hollywood TV show, it is deadly serious.

Today, Michel Bonnardeaux, a spokesman for the U.N. Mission in Congo confirmed that children are being recruited by different armed groups, "especially by the rebel forces of warlord Laurent Nkunda."

This, despite the Universal Declaration of Human Rights having been signed over 60 years ago.

There's nothing wrong with Sunday football or a night out at your favorite club. But there is everything wrong with Americans taking no responsibility for their fellow man who picked up a body this lifetime in a country like the Congo.

Write to your Congressman or Senator to tell them you want America to broker peace talks in the Congo so child soldiers are no longer needed and those who are getting away with such heinous anti-social acts are no longer protected by the pretense wartime expediency.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Monday, September 17, 2007

Why Does Suicide Prevention Backfire?

Suicide is always shocking, but it is particularly alarming when it involves our children and youth. And among indigenous communities the statistics are more than condemnatory.

According to

"This year ... the Howard Government announced national emergency measures to protect Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory from abuse. Almost three months later, it is time to consider whether the action is improving the lives of children in remote communities. Sadly, the answer is that it is not."

This same article reports that in one small community in Australia, 31 young people attempt suicide in the space of eight months — 8 per cent of the population of 452 people.

So why does suicide prevention backfire?

The reason is that unless one addresses the real cause, suicides will continue.

No matter what measures you take, if a person is bent on suicide he/she will ultimately succeed. unless you help him/her change his/her mind.

A study of Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health and Science of Survival by L. Ron Hubbard are essential for an understanding of the spiritual and mental phenomena that underlie suicide, what causes a person to seek to take his/her own life and simple therapies to raise a person's emotional tone to the point where he/she would no longer seek such a solution.

In Dianetics, Survival is shown to be the basic motivation of life, but Mr. Hubbard also clearly lays out how it is that someone can be driven to go to such extremes that he appears to have given up on surviving entirely. When you read it, it suddenly makes sense to you.

In June, David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of RTC, announced the release of new editions of all the basic Scientology and Dianetics books and lectures recorded by L. Ron Hubbard that give the background and research data, providing even greater understanding of the books themselves.

Anyone really serious about helping potential suicides needs to study these texts. Without a full understanding of the mind, however earnest you may be in your intention to help, you will accumulate failures. And when it comes to child suicides, even one such failure is far too many.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't Break that Kid

So many kids are prescribed drugs because of behavior problems. Today, when there are more and more single-parent households, and where even more traditional families usually have both parents working, what can a mother or father do to help his or her child with discipline problems?

In the Scientology Handbook there is a section titled "How to Live With Children," in which L. Ron Hubbard stated:

"The main consideration in raising children is the problem of training them without breaking them. You want to raise your child in such a way that you don’t have to control him, so that he will be in full possession of himself at all times. Upon that depends his good behavior, his health, his sanity."

It's easy enough to say that, but how do you actually bring it about?

To do anything in life required a understanding and skill. You wouldn't think of trying to drive a car without learning what each of the various systems did or you'd step on the gas instead of the break and end up a casualty before you even got started.

But where's the the parent's "owners manual"?

Well, if you understood life better, and if you understood why people react, when they do, wouldn't that help you with your kid as well?

The basic books and lectures of Scientology and Dianetics (released in June by David Miscavige), cover all the fundamentals a parent needs

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Much Does Your Happiness Affect Your Child?

L. Ron Hubbard once wrote, " main problem with children is how to live with them. The adult is the problem in child raising, not the child. A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have."

So it really comes full circle. How to help a parent to be a "good stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart," in our turbulent, stress-ridden society. How to be stable when you don't know how you're going to make ends meet, when you come home from work feeling frustrated, tired and insecure?

One thing anyone can do is visit the Scientology Handbook web site. There is useful information there for so many things that rock one's stability, make one feel insecure, upset, stressed and introverted.

I suggest just reading through the various sections or chapters, finding one that interests you, reading what it has to say and trying out the suggestions in there. Just see if it doesn't make you feel a bit better. Then observe how the people around you do when you are doing better.

Another thing I highly recommend is the Scientology basics -- the basic books and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard. Here is the basic knowledge of life and the mind. When you really understand yourself you can do something about it all.

If not for you, how about doing it for your kids. You are the most important influence in their lives. They will do as well in life as you are a "good stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart." And it will certainly make you happier too!

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Benin: Unicef Envoy Angélique Kidjo Spotlights Rights of Children

11 September 2007

The singer and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador Angélique Kidjo is touring her home country of Benin this week to raise awareness about the rights of children, spotlighting the importance of education and protection from exploitation and trafficking.

During her four-day trip, which began yesterday, Ms. Kidjo will take part in the launch of Benin's girls' education campaign, visit schools and meet with both women's groups and child victims of human trafficking.

UNICEF said Ms. Kidjo's trip is designed to help raise the awareness of decision-makers in Benin about the rights of children, particularly that girls need to attend school and complete their primary education.>> more

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Exploiting Kids to Make Pharma Money

Once more our kids are about to be exploited, all to the greater good of psychiatry and Big Pharma.

Over 300 articles listed in Google News yesterday screamed about some "new study" showing a huge increase in bipolar kids.

Wow. Is this coincidental, or is it a direct correlation to the increase in prescription "meds" being given to kids to get them to sit up straight and not fight or disagree with their teacher? (oops, excuse me, for "ADHD" -- called "behavior problems" when I was a kid and usually handled by letting the kids blow off steam in the school yard or making sure they ate breakfast).

Why should we use our kids to bear the brunt of the pharmaceutical industry's need to expand their capital?

Over the years, with the help of briefings at Scientology events (even as recently as this last July when David Miscavige [Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center] covered the subject in a speech on reversing the current social catastrophe ). I've come to realize how responsible the psych/pharma syndicate [my words, not his] is for the degradation of our civilization). It has opened my eyes to what is really going on on this planet. Especially after I toured the CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) museum -- Psychiatry and Industry of Death. So much so, that when this latest "announcement" came out it was completely transparent to me.

Want to bet how long it takes for someone to come up with a new (expensive) miracle patent to charge our insurance companies and the US Congress (through appropriations) to "handle this mental health emergency." Leave me a comment on this blog on how long you predict it will be before the "fortuitous" announcement of the latest miracle drug that coincidentally solves this "new" problem.

What's even worse is that anyone can pick up one of the basic Scientology books or lectures by L. Ron Hubbard and find dozens of things they can do to help a kid. It's so easy to chill kids out. But once you start stuffing them full of meds you are setting them up for a life of desperation.

And by the way, if you want the real lowdown on big pharma "ethics" check out Michael Moore's new film, Sicko.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Friday, August 17, 2007

New Australian Law Won't Solve the Problem

I was very concerned to read about the new law just passed :

It is billed as: "FEDERAL Parliament passed new laws giving Canberra unprecedented control over the lives of Northern Territory Aborigines, critics asked how much of the package was actually concerned with stopping the sexual abuse of children."

But in fact it wrests responsibility and authority from the family, further degrading the family unit. As such it can't help but cause more trouble. Australia has a long history of suppressing Aboriginal Australians. After centuries of destroying the culture are they surprised to find it has deteriorated?

A much better solution would be one of restoring self respect and cultural pride, such as a program based on The Way to Happiness.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Should Parents Try to Teach their Kids to Drive?

There's a terrific video clip on the The Way to Happiness web site to illustrate the precept "Love and Help Children."

It brought back so many memories when I watched it.

(It is a vignette showing a dad teacher his daughter how to drive a car).

Click here to view other Public Service Announcements

I must say I admire the dad in this video clip. I can't say mine was much like him at all!

What is it about teaching people to drive a car that can bring out the worst in people? I remember this one time when I was a very young child and my father was teaching my mom to drive. He was constantly barking orders at her and she got completely confused. She was trying to learn to drive a standard shift car in a town with these hellacious hills--the kind where you need to ride with your emergency brake in order to start the car after you've stopped. She had all of us three kids in the back seat and my dad flaying her with constant barbs about her incompetence, and she finally stamped on the brake, got out and slammed the door (on an incline to die for).

I wouldn't let my father near me when it came to learning to drive! No thank you very much. I paid a professional who had no personal stake in the matter to teach me. I was smart. I wasn't sure who would have come out alive if I'd let my father try to teach me.

Anyway -- here's the video! If you click on the link under the video they have it set up for you to be able to copy the code onto your own blog or email it to a friend.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

These were released last month by David Miscavige at an international Scientology event. They are starting to air now on national TV shows, and they exist in quite a few languages.

I have always loved this booklet because it is such a simple basic set of precepts and it really will help anyone live a happier life just by reading and applying it.

But now, with these videos, you can share it with anyone and it these video clips are so compelling, so expressive, so aesthetic that it makes it even easier to share them.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Avoiding Teenager "Disorder"

I suppose you could consider being a teenager as a disorder (marked by rebellion, doing things that are harmful or dangerous for fun, avoiding authority figures like parents and teachers and only caring about what their friends think of them). But giving it a name doesn't do anything to fix the symptoms or prevent the damage.

Sure they'll "get over it" eventually. That is, unless they get themselves into serious trouble in the meantime.

Ironic, isn't it, that about the time kids are most in need of parents' advice they find it hardest to talk to them?

As adolescents and teens start feeling the pressure from friends and media to be "cool" they do things they know they don't want their folks to find out about. And this starts the wedge that drives the relationship apart.

Once that starts, parents who really want to help their kids are up against a lot. But what if was "cool" to honor help your parents?

Just this one precept from The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard could go a long way to helping kids avoid getting into trouble or minimally doing things set will them back, like drugs, crime, slacking off or dropping out of school.

Click here to view other Public Service Announcements

These video clips on The Way to Happiness web site are public service announcements produced by the Church of Scientology International, and released three weeks ago by David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center (ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion).

You can download them onto your blog.

Unhappy about the state of things? You can do something to change it by promoting these PSAs.

Check it out the PSA, and go here to copy the code onto your blog, or email it to your friends.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Scientology Church Fights Drug Abuse

This story out of Cincinnati is just one of hundreds that occurred last week in Scientology churches around the world. Scientologists are passionate about helping people avoid the tragedy of addiction. This story appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The local Scientology Church, 215 W. Fourth St. downtown, joined the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on Monday by holding a drug education and activities day.

Adam Espayev, 10, a youth "Drug-Free Marshal" who lives downtown, swore in three new drug-free marshals.

Drug-Free Marshals are youngsters who take a 12-point pledge to stay drug-free and educate others about the benefits of leading a drug-free life, said Thalia Ghiglia, Director of Public and Community Affairs of the church.

The kids also visited the Cincinnati Fire Station at Central Avenue and Fifth Street and swore in several firefighters as Drug-Free Marshals.

The date was chosen by the 93rd plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to express its determination to strengthen action and cooperation at the regional, national and international levels toward the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.

"This program is completely in alignment with the objectives of our anti-drug campaign, 'Say no to drugs, say yes to life,' " said Ghiglia.

For more information about the program, call Ghiglia at 513-238-6063

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Sunday, May 13, 2007

On Mothers Day

QOTD asked today: If you could give an orphan a perfect mom what would she be like?

One just like : a very special friend I can always share things with, who, thinks the best of me and supports me no matter what happens.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It would be funny if...

I just watched this clip of John Sweeney-- the BBC reporter who is doing a show on Scientology this week.

The BBC has this "image" in the US of being reputable, respectable, conservative, I was more shocked to see this than if it had been an American TV show (although in America I can't conceive of a reporter or investigative journalist being this unstable.)

When I watched this thing it reminded me of a man I knew once. When I realized how crazy he was I dumped the guy as soon as I could. I just can't understand how BBC could continue to employ a lunatic like this. Do you suppose they don't know about him? Well I guess they do now. This video is doing really well in YouTube.

Really shocking.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Harry's Coming!

I can't deny it. I'm a Harry freak.

And I just saw pictures from the movie that's coming out in July -- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So, here's my pick of the best photos.

All I can say is it's a good thing the movie's coming out before the book, or I'd have to read the book on one sitting to finish it before going to the movie. This way I'll be able to take my time.

(Okay. Who's planning on cheating and reading the last chapter first? Not ME. I've sworn all my friends to secrecy too, not to let on what happens if they get there before me.)

Harry, en route to Hogwarts

Sirius Black

Crazy Luna

and Hermione.

Less than 3 months away!

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good article on Associated Content on Tom Cruise's fundraiser for the New York Detox program.

I was delighted to hear he raised something like 1.3 million for the program. That means a lot more fire fighters, police and first responders who need the program will be able to take part in it. The whole program is free of charge to these people, and it basically gives them back their lives.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pharmalot: The New Face Of Antidepressants?

Another disturbing point

Pharmalot: The New Face Of Antidepressants?: "April 18, 2007
The New Face Of Antidepressants?

For the past three years, the controversy over antidepressants has largely centered on exploring links between the pills and suicidal behavior, particularly in youngsters. But there has also been considerable chatter about homicidal thoughts.

Several killings around the country have prompted defense lawyers to blame an antidepressant for a killing. Most famously, this occurred in South Carolina, where 12-year-old Chris Pittman claimed Pfizer's Zoloft prompted him to kill his grandparents. And one of the Columbine killers was prescribed Luvox.

Drugmakers deny such links. And antidepressants remain popular, because psychiatrists say depression can lead to suicide, possibly masking the affects one of these pills may have. And despite FDA black box warnings, many simply feel a potential benefit outweighs a potential risk.

Now, though, the Virginia Tech shooter, Cho Seung-Hui, may cause drugmakers a new round of grief over the antidepressants as reports surface that he was being treated for depression and had been prescribed a medication for psychological problems."

Is Psychiatry Responsible?

I found the footage of Cho's video that he sent in after the first 2 murders on Monday, particularly disturbing.

We expect our experts to be expert; to be able to produce a product. In our technological age if the software doesn't work, you hear incredible rants about it.

So how come we are so willing to excuse the incompetence of the psychiatric profession?

Is life just getting worse and that's why we have more horrific violent crime? I don't think so.

Read on:

Thoughts on the Rise of Mental Illness in America: "In an article titled 'Anatomy of an Epidemic: Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America' by Robert Whittaker (Cambridge MA), published in 'Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry', Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2005, Mr. Whittaker begins:

'Over the past 50 years, there has been an astonishing increase in severe mental illness in the United States. The percentage of Americans disabled by mental illness has increased fivefold since 1955, when Thorazine — remembered today as psychiatry's first 'wonder' drug — was introduced into the market. The number of Americans disabled by mental illness has nearly doubled since 1987, when Prozac — the first in a second generation of wonder drugs for mental illness — was introduced . There are now nearly 6 million Americans disabled by mental illness, and this number increases by more than 400 people each day. A review of the scientific literature reveals that it is our drug-based paradigm of care that is fueling this epidemic. (emphasis mine - ed.) The drugs increase the likelihood that a person will become chronically ill, and induce new and more severe psychiatric symptoms in a significant percentage of patients.'"

Cho Seung-Hui May Be 9th School Shooter Under Influence of Psychiatric Drugs

CCHR reveals: "Cho Seung-Hui May Be 9th School Shooter Under Influence of Psychiatric Drugs -- Documented to Cause Homicidal Ideation, Suicide, Psychosis, Mania and Hostility

In the wake of yesterday's shooting rampage at Virginia Tech by gunman Cho Seung-Hui, state legislators, civic and human rights activists are asking why Congress has failed to investigate the link between psychiatric drugs and school violence, given the high rate of psychiatric drug use by the shooters. According to breaking news from investigators at Virginia Tech, Cho may have taken depression drugs—documented by the Food and Drug Administration to cause suicidal behavior, mania, psychosis, hallucinations, hostility and “homicidal ideation.” (link) If Cho Seung-Hui’s psychiatric drug use is confirmed, it would bring the total to 61 killed and 77 wounded by psychiatric drug-induced school shootings."

If this is true, the FDA has added yet another crime against humanity to their long list.

Is it really worth the kickbacks. How can they look at themselves in the mirror; how can they get up in the morning knowing what they have done.

And what about the psychs who invent the "diseases" that the pharmaceutical companies can invent drugs to handle.

And when do we ALL say ENOUGH.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Peanut for your thoughts?

I would like some straight answers on Iraq. I want to see our troups come home. I want to avoid a complete debacle when we leave, but I have no faith that this won't happen no matter what we do. I am mortified over the daily list of the dead from suicide bombings. I feel personally very culpable for these deaths, as an American citizen and I don't understand how our elected officials can sleep at night.

But I don't get the point of this kind of news coverage:
The Swamp - Chicago Tribune - Blogs.

Bush's "open mouth insert foot" policy of press relations wears on me. But I fear that this kind of coverage distracts from the real issues.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well Done to Marie Pace

Marie Pace has been acknowledged as on of 31 women who are changing the history of Lafayette, Louisianna.

And she certainly deserves the award!

Her work during the 2005 Hurricane season was what brought her to prominence, but in actual fact she's been hard at work helping her community for years as the director of the Lafayette mission.

The article in the Lafayett Advertiser says:

Marie Pace began her affiliation with Scientology in the 1980s, when she was introduced to Dianetics and the religion it is based on, founded in the 1960s by the late science fiction novelist L. Ron Hubbard.

Her involvement in the community includes: Opening Applied Scholastics Lafayette in 1991. The nonprofit agency is devoted to teaching parents, students and educators how to learn without the use of drugs, labeling and memorization. The foundation of her teaching is Study Technology, developed by Hubbard.

The experience led Pace to open the Scientology Mission of Lafayette four years later. The first mission of its kind in Acadiana, the local Scientology Mission on Huggins Road, offers various techniques developed by Hubbard and taught across the globe in various Scientology churches. >>

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Scientologists Active in Anti Drug Campaign

Scientologists are very active in an anti-drug campaign to get the truth about drugs out to kids around the world.

Here's a good story on what Scientologists in Taiwan are doing, and how effective they've been in getting the message out:

The Scientologists of Taiwan have a real sense of urgency when it comes to arming young people with factual information about drugs. They know that drugs affect people not only physically, they harm them spiritually as well.

In the late 1960's, with drugs spreading like an epidemic through college campuses in the West, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard did extensive research into what causes people to start using drugs in the first place, and developed a whole array of technology to help the individual reverse the effect these substances have on spiritual progress and enlightenment.

The "Say No to Drugs" team is dedicated to helping youth avoid getting into the "drug trap." And for those who have already started to experiment with drugs, the volunteers work to convince these young people to quit now, before their lives are ruined.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

Monday, February 05, 2007

Raising a Child Successfully

Some of the most useful and successful data I have ever seen on handling children is in the Scientology Handbook chapter called Children. I have used it on my own child and achieved great results with it. Information on this is at

Friday, February 02, 2007

Worried about Harry

According to the news, the last Harry Potter book is on sale for pre-orders and will be available on July 21st.

"The most recent book, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, the sixth in the series, broke UK records by selling 2,009,574 copies on its first day of release. Booksellers are predicting that the Deathly Hallows might yet outstrip that figure.

"It is ten years since the first book, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, was published. Since then the series has gone on to sell 325 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 64 languages."

Without ruining it for anyone who hasn't read number 6 yet, I am really concerned about what JK is going to do with this book.

This story from tells why:

Rowling's stories have darkened considerably since the first release, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,” and the author has said two characters will be killed off in Book 7.

"I don't always enjoy killing my characters. I didn't enjoy killing the character who died at the end of Book 6," Rowling said during a reading last summer at Radio City Music Hall, declining to name that person in case someone had yet to finish the book.

"I really didn't enjoy doing that, but I had been planning that for years so it wasn't quite as poignant as you might imagine. I'd already done my grieving when I actually came to write it."

I hope she was wise enough to realize the effect she is going to create on an entire generation if she kills off one of the three kids. It would be awful!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The Scientology Handbook has a chapter on raising children that has technology for this that works beautifully. The information is at

Monday, January 22, 2007

Love and Help Children

That's a section from The Way to Happiness .

And here's a video that shows and example of it.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Keep Those Kids Off Drugs

I've taken to heart what David Miscavige said at the 2007 New Years event.

I've decided to take on more responsibility for helping my neighborhood. I've started a branch of the Say No to Drugs initiative. It's just going to run out of my livingroom, mind you, but I am taking the message to the schools and community groups in around my home, and so far everyone has welcomed me to give my lectures to the kids.

Here is a picture or why I can't resist doing this particular project as my volutneer work. Look at those faces! Aren't they too much! These are grade school kids in Taiwan, taking the pledge as Drug-Free Marshals to stay off drugs and work to get other kids and adults to pledge to be drug-free too.

I know I do some very valuable things at work, and that my family would fall apart if I weren't running them to their appointments, cooking their food and picking up after them. But getting to these little kids before it's too late, that really rounds my life out. Mr. Miscavige was right. I really needed to do more!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Berlin Again

The grand opening of the Church of Scientology of Berlin was every bit as exciting as I thought it would be!

I heard that Chick Corea and Anne Archer were there and so was David Miscavige.

And there were something like 5300 Scientologists and neighbords and dignitaries attending.

And the building and facilities are amazing!

Check it out at their web site.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scientology in Berlin

In the past it's been a bit hard to be a Scientologist in Germany.

I guess every new religion has to contend with people being suspicious about them at first. The early Christians had it pretty rough (the battle in the media isn't half as tough as lions and gladiators).

But it's great that times have changed so much that we can open such a beautiful, huge new church of Scientology in Berlin.

I expect David Miscavige will be there for the grand opening too.

I might just pack my bags and go as well.

Want to join me?....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Introduction to Scientology

If you haven't yet gotten a copy of An Introduction to Scientology I really recommend you do so.

David Miscavige announced the restoration and release of this film on DVD in 50 languages at the Scientology New Years Event and boy is it incredible!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kids - Our Future

If we don't completely destroy this generation, what with our designer baby-sitting drugs (so our kids don't disturbe the calm of their quiet school class where no one is learning anything but at lease they aren't making any noise) and letting them sit for the rest of the day mesmerized by the Internet and their latest video games, maybe we can give them some tools to help them survive in this mess of a civilization we've left them.

What do you think it will cost to drive your car back and forth to work by the time five-year old "Johnny" joins the work force?

Good luck to all of us.