Monday, June 21, 2004

Well finally a post.

Looking around I found an interesting article about the motor vessel "Freewinds" and how last year they hosted over a thousand children via the local education authorities.

What a great idea, letting kids have the opportunity to come aboard and ocean going vessel and experience what being aboard a ship is all about.

The locals were very happy and grateful that the crew of the "Freewinds" took time out to do this.

Here is an articles covering the story:

Freewinds Parade For Bajans

Then there was another article:

Pomp, Pageantry Marks Freewinds Celebrations

"The highlight of the evening was a parade along Spring Garden Highway to the Flour Mill, with school children from about 30 schools across the island, encompassing 1 300 students. The 100 per cent Bajan concert and parade culminated with an interesting daylight fireworks display and float parade just about 5:45 p.m. when the ship, amidst thousands of streamers with support from the Coast Guard, the Cruising Club, the Yacht Club and various fisherman and charter boats sailed out of the Bridgetown Port."

How exciting for the children - it must have been so colorful. I am going to try and find photographs.

Another interesting article also covering the "Freewinds" helping the local community:

Freewinds to Host Concert

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