Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Talk about a treat for your daughter- this article in the Kent and Sussex Courier in England has to take the cake!

MP's daughter gets a Hollywood call

Wealden Mp Charles Hendry had an impromptu chat with a Hollywood film star during a film premiere in London on Thursday last week. The parliamentarian was attending the first UK showing of Tom Cruise's Collateral when the meeting took place.

The 42-year-old matinee heartthrob Mr Cruise had invited a group of Scientologists from East Grinstead to the event.

They in turn passed on sought-after invites to dignitaries in the town and among others Mr Hendry and his wife, Sallie.

And while attending the showing, the pair were lucky enough to meet Mr Cruise.

It was after this that Mr Hendry's step-daughter, Clare, who was 18 on Wednesday last week, received a unique birthday call from the American box-office movie star.

Mr Hendry said: "Clare thought it was the coolest thing ever." The Tory spokesperson said he and Mr Cruise spoke about Saint Hill, a Scientology detox centre the actor set up in New York for victims of the September 11 terrorist attack, before the pair moved on to talk about the film.

"It was a very special evening and a real treat to be invited.

"I thought Tom was absolutely amazing for spending so much time speaking to people who had waited for him for hours, and the film was full of suspense." Other guests at the premiere including jazz sensation Jamie Callum, model Nell McAndrew and comedian Billy Connolly.

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