Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More on L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology

Just found this great site about Study Tech, that is entirely set up to help parents learn and use these techniques with their kids.

That's something that's really useful!

I also found another site that gives tutors and mentors information they need to be able to use Study Technology with the people they work with, no matter what the age of the person they are tutoring or mentoring.

I had an experience myself last week, where I needed some help with study tech as I just could't understand something I was studying. I was completely balked. I went to see someone who is a real expert in study tech, and she helped me find a word in the information I had been studying that I didn't totally understand. Turns out the word has more than one definition and although I knew one definition I had no idea the other one existed. When we cleared that up I suddenly really understood the information. Not only that I had a headache (I was sure it was because I hadn't had a cup of coffee that day) and as soon as I sorted this all out - poof. No more headache either! Study tech rocks!

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