Wednesday, April 06, 2005


There other ways to survive as a parent without having to resort to drugging your child, or yourself in order to cope. Children can be managed and you are capable of doing it if you have the tools to help you. Yes, even parents need to learn their trade.

I have personally raised two happy, well-balanced children who are now successful adults. I did it by learning how to be a good parent.

If this interests you, you should check it out. Don't take my word for it, here are others with similar successes:

“Becoming a Volunteer Minister has fulfilled my lifelong goal of being able to really help children. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to bring about change in any child. One instance I recall vividly was helping the parents of a small boy who was an absolute terror to the family, his school and himself. He was out of control and they were in despair. My training as a Volunteer Minister gave me the tools to tackle such a situation. But I wasn’t going to do the job of the parents. Instead, I coached them on exactly what they should do, using the data in the Children booklet from my training. Well, the child came straight and the parents now have something they can use to create a happy future for their child and themselves.” A.D.

“Life with my three kids was a living hell. What happened? Those beautiful babies and cute kids were now out of control monsters. I wondered how it got so bad. I blamed myself. A good friend of mine saw me ’drowning’ and threw me a lifesaver. It was the phone number of a Volunteer Minister. I called her up. She understood what I was going through and calmly and smoothly helped me put order into my life and got my children taking responsibility for the situation. It wasn’t me against them anymore. We became a team—a family. She gave me a booklet called Children and said I’d find the answers to happy children inside it. She was right! Because of this I recovered 3 ’best friends’ and made another one—a wonderful and caring Volunteer Minister. Thanks for all the love and help!” S.C.

These come from the Scientology Volunteer Minister site.

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