Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Freedom Magazine Writes About Protecting Children

A recent edition, Freedom Magazine has an article on the Child Protective Services in the US.

To quote the press release on the Scientology.org web site:

Dominated by the profit-driven psychiatric industry, human rights abuses in the child welfare system are rife, including forcible, unwarranted family separations and brutal treatment of children coerced onto mind-altering drugs.

LOS ANGELES — In a heart-rending examination of two families torn apart by the Child Protective Services system, Freedom Magazine, the investigative journal of the Church of Scientology International, exposes in a just-released issue the profiteering motives of the psychiatric industry and the disastrous consequences for children and families across the United States.

As expressed by Massachusetts attorney Gregory Hession, one of numerous authorities interviewed by Freedom, “We need to raise the threshold for taking children from their families to begin with, so fewer children get into the system. Then they won’t be drugged and ruined and crushed and killed and raped and murdered and everything else that happens to them.”

“The Child Protection Racket” describes how 12-year-old Rusty Roska was dragged from his home by four employees of Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services after his mother was given a false psychiatric diagnosis, and how, in Massachusetts, Audrey Serrano’s 9-year-old daughter, Jessica, was taken away after Audrey questioned whether psychiatrists should continue administering high doses of deadly psychiatric drugs to Jessica.>>

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