Monday, September 25, 2006

Drug Addiction

As bad as drug addiction is for the addict, it is horrible for their families.

Addicts will often do anything to support their habbits.

One common story you hear from addicts families is how the son or daughter will come for Christmas or for a visit and after they leave they can't find some piece of jewelry or an expensive piece of equipment.

The drug rules their lives.

Here is a story with a happy ending, of a mother who got help from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour in Perm, Russia.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Restoring a Hope and Salvaging a Family

The day she learned her son AndrĂ© was addicted to drugs was the worst day in Ludmila’s life. And eight years later, she had all but given up on ever being able to help him.

This was her state of mind when she walked into the big yellow tent of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour in Perm, Russia. And the staff of the Tour had exactly what she needed — effective technology to really help her son. >> continued

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