Friday, January 19, 2007

Keep Those Kids Off Drugs

I've taken to heart what David Miscavige said at the 2007 New Years event.

I've decided to take on more responsibility for helping my neighborhood. I've started a branch of the Say No to Drugs initiative. It's just going to run out of my livingroom, mind you, but I am taking the message to the schools and community groups in around my home, and so far everyone has welcomed me to give my lectures to the kids.

Here is a picture or why I can't resist doing this particular project as my volutneer work. Look at those faces! Aren't they too much! These are grade school kids in Taiwan, taking the pledge as Drug-Free Marshals to stay off drugs and work to get other kids and adults to pledge to be drug-free too.

I know I do some very valuable things at work, and that my family would fall apart if I weren't running them to their appointments, cooking their food and picking up after them. But getting to these little kids before it's too late, that really rounds my life out. Mr. Miscavige was right. I really needed to do more!

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