Monday, May 05, 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Oprah's interview of Tom Cruise last Friday. I was really disturbed about how his last appearance was twisted and warped by media and in the blogosphere. It was great to hear him talk about his life, about Katie and Suri, about what's been happening to him for the past two years, and laying all the odd rumors about Scientology to rest.

Always one of my favorites. It was nice to splurge with a whole show about him.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.~~~L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion

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Sweet Photograph, Bad Link said...

The link to Scientology on your Monday, May 05, 2008 blog about Tom Cruise on Oprah doesn't work. There's a comma after the www. It's supposed to be a period.

To work, it should be not http://www,

That's a sweet photograph, by the way.