Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Helping Children Learn the Truth About Drugs

I find it very disturbing to read about the effects of meth on children.

The Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care released this today:

"-- Unlike other drugs, women are more likely to use meth. They are also more likely to be single parents who live alone with their children. Additionally, meth abuse has increased substantially among pregnant women -- between 1995 and 2003, there has been an 86 percent increase in the number of pregnant women seeking treatment for meth addiction.

"-- Between 2000 and October 15, 2005, meth lab seizures by local or federal law enforcement affected approximately 15,192 children, including at least 3,800 children exposed to toxic chemicals, 96 lab-related injuries, and 8 deaths."

One of the dangers of meth is that it is not unusual for a person to become addicted just by trying the drug once.

The Church of Scientology International has a drug education web site that provides information about meth and many other drugs. Scientology churches are very active on drug information campaigs to reach children before they experiment with drugs.

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