Monday, June 26, 2006

Protecting our Kids from Drugs

Today is the anniversary of the UN Day Against Drugs.

Scientology churches
have terrific booklets that are simple to read but pull no punches on the subject of the effects of drugs.

The Scientology anti-drug site is also an excellent resource for information. If you have a child you think may be experimenting with, using or considering taking drugs my advice is make it really safe for them to talk to you, and then send them to this site to read about what they are getting themselves into.

Your acting when you just suspect there may be something wrong can save so much heartache later. And if you treat your child with respect and don't try to make him wrong for telling you what he's done, you can also make huge strides toward restoring your relationship (as it's my experience that when kids are secretly taking drugs it wrecks a parent/child relationship and the only solution is to coax them into confiding in you what they have gotten themselves into).

Hope that helps.

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